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Hands Together

Offering support and guidance, encouraging growth, confidence and stability in life’s steps ahead within our community.


Following on from the Founder recently resigning from The Project, as one door closes another one opens. The Big Yellow Bus Project is pleased to announce the launch of our new look logo and website.  Our project continues to help those who are homeless or potentially homeless, and to provide help and support to all members of the community. Our new logo incorporates our expanding services, as well as continuing to acknowledge the name that we all know and respect.

The Big Yellow Bus Project logo

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The money raised from our shop helps to fund the The Big Yellow Bus Project, allowing us to continue to help those who need our support.

Get in touch with the shop at shop@bigyellowbusproject.co.uk.


Drop-in and Support Hub

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a drop-in centre to provide a space where one-to-one therapy, support groups and other services can be offered. This will also include referring for additional support.

The Big Yellow Bus Project logo


The Big Yellow Bus Project’s aim is to bridge the gap to avoid homelessness. This will be achieved by providing support to those who are going through the process of finding alternative accommodation.


Our Mission

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To offer support and guidance to the homeless members of the community. As well as encourage growth, build confidence and help to provide stability within their lives.

Accommodation Icon

To offer temporary accommodation to those who need it before they go onto a more permanent residence.

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To offer a safe and secure environment for those who need it.

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To offer counselling, therapeutic art, support groups and referring for those who need additional support.

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Live Music at Hop on the Bus

Special guests from around the country entertain us with a mix of original music and popular covers.

Date: 6th July 2022

Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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