Business benefits of employee volunteering

5th July 2022

Fulfilment, meaning and giving back. Not things many employees would’ve always agreed they got from their roles, unless they worked in the private or public sector. However, that’s now changing. Increasingly more today than ever before, the younger workforce – Generation Z and millennials – not only want, but expect, their employers to provide workplace environments where they can achieve these things. The traditional perks of gym memberships, company health plans and bonus schemes are not enough for these two generations. They’re looking for a more rewarding, engaging and meaningful workplace experience. Aside from just being a ‘good thing to…

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Paul Cooper You’re an absolute legend!

22nd June 2022

Paul sat in the #BlackChair Saturday 30th April, representing The Big Yellow Bus Project on Celebrity Mastermind. By answering questions about his Specialist Subject, 1966 World Cup on @bbcone he raised an amazing £3000 for TBYBP Charity. Thank you! 💛 #Mastermind #PaulCooper #TBYBP #Charity #Cirencester #1966WorldCup #BBCOne💛

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Hop On The Bus ‘first’ awareness event at The Hop Kettle Cirencester

4th March 2022

What an amazing Hop On The Bus ‘first’ awareness event at The Hop Kettle Cirencester. Thank you to everyone that made the evening a success and thank you to all that came to support The Big Yellow Bus Project. The cash donations made were a fantastic £162.16. Pictures are amazing, look at all those lovely smiley faces – see you all again soon! Same time, same place 1st Wednesday of the month!

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The Big Yellow Bus Project logo

The Big Yellow Bus Logo and Website

24th February 2022

Following on from the Founder recently resigning from The Project, as one door closes another one opens. The Big Yellow Bus Project is pleased to announce the launch of our new look logo and website.  Our project continues to help those who are homeless or potentially homeless, and to provide help and support to all members of the community. Our new logo incorporates our expanding services, as well as continuing to acknowledge the name that we all know and respect. Our new website is The Project’s Chairman, Jenny Hincks, said “The Big Yellow Bus Project has grown, and we continue to help those…

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